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Just as its name, AI Debris is a realtime rpg game all about AI. Upgrade your AI, take her to the battlefield, your AI will fight for you, the more battle the stronger and smarter your AI can be.

The story takes place in the future, when AI technology already exists. Ralph, a professor of AI and the first person to create AI in the form of humans for peaceful purposes. However, one day AI betrayed humans and caused a war between humans and AI.
  All the blame is poured on Ralph, he loses everything, is tormented by humans, betrayed by AI, his family killed. Hateful and betrayed, he vows to take revenge on the whole of humanity and those AI that betray him.
  Create the strongest and most loyal AI and help Ralph execute his revenge plan!

- Tragic and drama story
- Upgrade AI Stat, unlock skill, technology and more
- Auto fight using AI
- AI will improve after each battle
- Collect AI Core for upgrade material

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